I’m being a Shitty Writer.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, listen the fuck up please.

These last few sample chapters I’ve been posting have been utter shit- just…fuckin’ diarrhea, fresh from my ass, onto my keyboard, through my screen, and directly into your eyes and I am sorry. So, what Im gonna do. Is overhaul each and every single chapter I’ve posted on this website (Except for Warrior Shaman. it needs to be edited, sure. But I KNOW I nailed that shit to the fuckin’ WALL YO) until awesome and then re-post them one by one, whether you like it or not.

I am sorry for my shitty work. I forgot that it is very easy to become those shit spewing, self centered asshole writers I am always slamming on. And THAT. Is not something I ever want to become. Never.

Peace bitches YEAH   8======D


Some Fantasies are Lived

My Aunt died over the weekend. She was a poet, in addition to many other things. I wanted to honor her, and share her skill with others.

I give you all the 2nd Place Winner in the 1979 New World’s Poetry contest, written by none other than Beverly Giambrese:

Some Fantasies are Lived
By Beverly Giambrese

I took a midnite boat to Corsica
where the Mediterranean
below cliffs of pink chateaus
carried the whore queen Cleopatra
safely to anchor her naked breasts
upon the shores of Caesar

Five miles out of town
where the people’s promenade
stretches toward Atlantis
I backpacked to a cove
where the fishermen
were unloading octopus and starfish
they told me strange stories
of slave traders from Afghanistan
whose teeth flash switchblades
at white women from America

The empty bottle of wine
rose in my cheeks
as I waited from my sleeping bag
to be sold