I’m being a Shitty Writer.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, listen the fuck up please.

These last few sample chapters I’ve been posting have been utter shit- just…fuckin’ diarrhea, fresh from my ass, onto my keyboard, through my screen, and directly into your eyes and I am sorry. So, what Im gonna do. Is overhaul each and every single chapter I’ve posted on this website (Except for Warrior Shaman. it needs to be edited, sure. But I KNOW I nailed that shit to the fuckin’ WALL YO) until awesome and then re-post them one by one, whether you like it or not.

I am sorry for my shitty work. I forgot that it is very easy to become those shit spewing, self centered asshole writers I am always slamming on. And THAT. Is not something I ever want to become. Never.

Peace bitches YEAH   8======D


7 thoughts on “I’m being a Shitty Writer.

  1. Completely understand your reaction, I think everything I write is shitty a day later, and want to overhaul everything always. But sometimes you have to breathe and let it go.

    What you see, is what you are looking at. We are not you (your readers). What you see isn’t necessarily what we’ve keyed into, so sometimes, just let others have it. The work isn’t yours anymore once we’ve eye balled it. It’s in our experience…don’t take it back like yanking a ring off someone’s finger. Flaws will keep you humble as you improve.

    Stand in the mud, sometimes. You know? Then clean up as you go.

    What makes a pretentious writer is thinking you’re perfect when you rise in the morning, because all previous attempts came out as you wished.

    There is always something more to master. But many, many, writers stop growing because they think…. “I’m there.” Sort of speak.


    • What a beautiful thing to say, and I agree with you.
      However, I planned on editing these rough drafts anyway. I wouldn’t be comfortable with selling these in the future as is.

      But I will not forget what you said. It makes a lot of sense, and thank you.


  2. I knew you Aunt many years ago and never stopped loving her – she was one special lady and i will always regret the day our roads parted! I wish i could go back and redo that part of history in our lives! You have a lot to be proud of.

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