Gun Control is Never About Guns

Fear is the basic principle that drives every single human being to their destination- death. Life is the journey we take in order to reach this destination, and the experiences along the way that we may experience are unique- they define us for good or bad. Humans fear other humans. More specifically, humans fear the intent of other humans. This fear drives us towards more fear, and eventually, we are doomed to become agoraphobic, atrophied sheep lead by a rich man in a shiny suit over the edge of complacency. And most people wouldn’t even know what happened.

Recently, I read an article in a “newspaper” that mentioned this story. Being the quality, unbiased newspaper that the Daily News is, they sided with “good” and said that death was being taken off the streets.  A whole shit ton ‘o gun was found and seized. Yay! The weak read this article and think, “oh good. More violence that I don’t have to worry about.” And that’s good. That’s really good, because that is a trap that most fall in to.

There is no ‘they’ in this post. There is only you. More specifically, us. Death and violence are woven into human culture by blood and nerve. We are violent creatures, always looking to assert ourselves against peers on this tiny rock. Some of us turn to violence. Mugging, stealing, sadism. Others find more civilized ways to subvert and destroy our peers. Money, politics, careers. All things that can be manipulated, applied, and then reaped with no-one the wiser. Know why? Cuz’ the real threats are tangible! They are never subtle. They are bombs, disease, guns, minorities, drugs. And now? Look what we have.

Humanity is weak. It’s weak, and its afraid. The only time we show some spine is when we are in peril, and even then most men and women would turn tail and run in the face of darkness. Even now, our freedoms are being suppressed, and we aren’t…doing. Anything. Look at this planet. Look at her people. Ignorance, bigotry, and violence touch EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. PLACE. On this Earth, but we still fear the black guy with a gun hiding behind our curtains.

Wake the fuck up.

Danger is everywhere, and comes in many forms. Guns aren’t the problem! People are. Knives, bombs, fists, spoons, forks, glass bottles, telephone wire, paper weights, poison, fire. The list goes on. Humans are frail, people. We can die from an infection for Christ’s sake, and we’re the most worried about guns? Speaking of guns, we can blow up the world 10 times over with nuclear arms, but where are the advances in medicine? Sure, we’ve come a long way, but considering all the people we can kill en masse, why has humanity never considered healing? Because we need to defend ourselves! We need to defend this country, and we need to make it safe! More jails, more prisoners, less guns, less violence. Right?

HA! Doesn’t anyone else see this? Humanity becomes afraid. Humanity invents weapons. Humanity scares itself. Humanity bans weapons. But not all of humanity, right? Look who has all the guns. The real guns, not the dumbass .22 short rifle plinker your dad gave you when you were twelve. The long range missles, the tanks, the machine guns, the gunships. Look at all the military tech. Who has these? Who do they take such weapons from when these implements are found in the “wrong” hands?

I bet you’re rally against the government now, right? Well, you’re a fuckin’ idiot then. Gun Control is merely a portion of a self perpetuating cycle of violence and fear that humanity has locked itself in ever since we were dumb enough to kill one another for even dumber reasons. Getting rid of all the weapons will not make humanity safer. It was never about weapons! All of the violence and the laws attributed to abating said violence derive from one source, and that is ourselves. Humanity is to blame. Guns do not grow out of the ground as natrually occuring means to defend the defenseless. THey are made by humans. Bombs cannot be harvested like a truffle below the base of a tree. They are made by humans. And what is the final missing factor that involves violence involving weapons?

A human operator. Shut the fuck up (like I’m about to do) and get serious. Wanna feel safer? That responsibility starts with you. Stop blaming guns, stop blaming the government, stop blaming your neighbor.  We are all at fault for the state of things now, and we must now all ride the storm through as a species. Will we abate the storm? Or just make it worse? More importantly, what will you do?