Sometimes I think that the whole world is just one big sphere of burning shit, and we are all merely looking for a cool spot.

I hate everyone in the godamn planet, starting with myself. Therefore, I project my self hatred onto everything I see, much like the bullies that tormented me when I was young.

At least that’s what I should be doing. No, I’ve decided, because I’m a fuckin’ genius, that I’ll turn all my outward hatred inward, to add on top of all the inner hate brewing! Misery loves company, and I am my only friend sometimes.

Every day is a new excuse to hate.

Being a human, hate is my favorite thing in the world. I hate people I encounter that “wrong” me, I hate people that wrong others, and I hate myself. Especially when I am too fuckin’ angry and depressed to get off my ass and actually DO something to make myself feel better.

Let me clue you assholes in if you weren’t listening, or if you’re stupid. The world is basically a knot of bullshit, and life is you trying to untangle that without any help from anybody else (REAL help). When you’re dead, well then! Hope you got a straight fuckin’ chord to be proud of, because the only thing that’s gonna give two shits about your fuckin’ caracass in 50 years is the fuckin’ grave.

Every single day is an act in willpower to be civil. To be kind and turn the other cheek, to be mild and submissive, like all good little FUCK slaves should. Yeah, just open your fuckin’ mouth and let life shoot a nice thick bolt of semen down your throat, because that is essentially what waking up feels like.

There’s no inspirational message here! There’s no…happy ending! Life is a brutal fucking struggle to the day you die, and those of us who are rich? Fuck you. Fuck you for everything you have, and fuck your family too. Most of all? Fuck ME for allowing myself to even say and think these things for THAT is my greatest folly.

I’ve simply become a “unique” hybrid of everything I hate, and there is not a single fucking thing I can do about it until I can accept that.

Every point made in this blog is moot. There is no point. There is no message. Don’t fuckin’ listen to me. Hate me, because that’s what all men and women like me deserve.

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