Final Concept Art: Spek

Well, waiting for you shit sniffers to actually say something is like waiting for a slug to crawl out of my bowels, so I went ahead and did whatever the fuck I wanted to do. For those of you that are playing the home game, this is Spek, a new character that I created in the world of Urth. He’s a Groar, and an agent of an organization that strives to mix the cultures of City Groars (modern, socialized, organized) and Tribal Groars (secretive, wild, primitive) so that both “sects” of his people can learn and grow from one another. Here’s his picture:

Yeah, he dosen’t have balls cuz he’s pseudoreptilian. All his shit flops out of a cloaca.

I’m tired. That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Final Concept Art: Spek

  1. Is he going to have eyes, or are they going to stay blank? and i think i imagined his hands a little bulkier. less lanky fingers, more pudgy, albeit strong… kinda like hulk status.

    sorry i didn’t respond earlier, you know how this week has been!


  2. No, I understand. His hands were supposed to be bulkier, but I blow big dick and drawing them and I gave up.

    His eyes glow according to mood and I didn’t want to add color to this piece.
    Blue = calm
    Yellow = annoyed, alarmed, frustrated
    Red = anger, hate, disgust
    Violet = sadness, regret, guilt
    Orange = fear, surprise, distrust

    Thanks for the comment!


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