Final Concept Art for Spek- Totem Sledge

Hello again.
Just finished my new character Spek’s main weapon- the totem sledge.  Here’s the pic, and the explanation will be below:

Okay, so a totem sledge is a special ritualistic weapon that is very typical in Groar culture (at roughly 300-500 lbs, only a Groar can wield it anyway.). It can mean many things to many different Groars. Sometimes, a single totem sledge can mean one thing to a group, or many things for all Groars. Think of it as an ambiguous symbol of authority, or an abstract book. Anyway, dominant and powerful Groars typically  have the most grand totem sledges, adorn and well made. As ornate as some can get, make no mistake. It can be torn off the mantle and used to smash the owner’s enemies. Typically, a family can have a totem sledge (like a coat of arms), or a city, or a tribe, or a village, etc.

If there is a task that must be completed, sometimes Groars will use the totem sledge in said task. As a rule, totem sledges can be cleaned, but  not repaired. Scars and marks tell the weapon’s, and the owner’s tales, and the sign of a good totem sledge is one that can last for many many battles. When it breaks, a new totem sledge is often made from remains. But, a totem sledge can be created in any way an individual chooses.

Alright, that’s the end.

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