My Opinions are Poisonous- But they are Mine

Here are my opinions. Hopefully I can spark some discussion among you all.

Most of the time, I write with gritted teeth and an ember of white hot hate in my heart. This world I view, I look at it through tired metaphors for eyes, and cliche comparisons to the aging process and how I’m becoming more and more of an adult. Every tiny thing that we are forced to bare witness to chips away at the very fabric of what we are. Television, movies, video games, books, magazines, commercials. You name it. In lieu of brainwashing theories I substitute hatred. Hatred in its purest form, unbiased except for my own disposition and belief systems.

How do you picture your hate? Hmm? Is it a burning fire, or a raging Goliath? Me? I picture my hate as an infinite puddle of black ink, unable to reflect its surroundings. It is sticky, venomous, and absolutely thrilling. I love hating. I love hatred. I love anger. Pain. I like to inflict it upon my enemies, and I like to feel it within myself.

Understanding such things are alien to most. I sit and watch as each moment ticks away, each moment grows longer and less defined and all I can feel is apathy and hate. Hate is always there. And anger is soon to follow. Know what I saw today? Angelina Jolie makes her first public appearance after she decided to have a preemptive mastectomy. And she was showered with accolades and praise. Fuck her and fuck her titties. It’s not news.

People in Turkey are getting fucked up. Some poor bastard overseas got run over and decapitated by two assholes hiding behind the guise of Islam. John Holmes’ insanity plea was taken, so he won’t be prosecuted like the rest of us. Michael Jackson’s parasitic family is trying to suck more money out of some hapless bastard that had contact with MJ before he died. Almost in the same month, another pedophilia accusation was placed up against Jackson. Why? Not for justice of course. The “victim” was seeking cash reparations.

Good people do good deeds nowadays. Donating to the poor, the sick, the discarded. Some people save other people’s lives in hospitals, on the street, on the job. Fuck em’. Know why? They see that god is watchin’. They see that god is watchin’, and the know that the great big karma train is coming around again to pick them up and take them to a better place. They live in fear, terrified of the world and all the evil and good in it. They are weak. And I despise them.

I am all for abortion. I am all for gay marriage. I’m all for more background checks and less gun control. I’m all for legalizing all drugs. I am all for vigilantism. And I am a staunch supporter of road rage. Militant Atheism is more close-minded than ANY religion, and intellectualism never existed because humans are able to shove body parts together and exchange fluid. I believe that suicide is cowardly and selfish. I believe that bullies should be prosecuted as adults, regardless of age. I believe that those being bullied should stand up and fight back, and not by telling their parents or teachers, but with a quick punch to the throat and then a knee to the face.

We are alone in this world. All of us. We marry, we date, we get roommates. We find fuck buddies, friends, acquaintances. But will always be alone. We come into the world alone, and we should all die alone. In violence. Not in illness or of an old, peaceful age. But one of violence. A car crash, a gunfight, a nasty bar room melee. The world…the whole world has gone soft. It’s not the violence we commit, or the destruction we bring. It’s not the fear, the cowardice, the back room politics.

We, all of humanity, is a race of cowards. We stand up for nothing, and we ignore injustice. And we do finally make a stand, it is typically with a petition, or a fuckin’ protest sign, rather than with a fist and our guts filled with fire. All the figures that have stood as an inspiration to so many are full of shit. There are no idols. There is no ONE god. There are no good causes, or bad causes. There are merely people inflicting pain or pleasure on one another, and we just choose sides. Morality has become a massive grey area that we all fall prey to. We know what is right and wrong. We are not products of our environment, we are products of our soul. We all commit evils. We all commit good. But we no longer have a spine.

Weakness and ignorance are the two greatest threats to this planet and the “peace” that can never be achieved. There is no room for compromise because all opposing sides are so desperately trying to be right. But there’s one thing I can say with certainty. One thing that I can take a stand on, and allow it to guide me. But I realized something quickly after writing this last paragraph.

…I never came up with anything. So what does that make me?

I don’t fucking care what it makes me. All I care about is what I can do in spite of it.

Be Heard

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