Boston and her Pain

The violence committed in Boston shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone.

Our world is churning with hate, and violence is inevitable in a planet where everyone is on top of one another. The bombing in Boston shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Why? Because violence is everywhere, and when we think we’re safe, we’re punished for our lack of attention.

Do I believe Boston deserved this attack? Absolutely fuckin’ NOT. 

I just don’t understand why we thought we were invulnerable.

I watched the news you know. Listened to people talking about the attack, hearing people say “is nowhere safe anymore?” I’ve also heard of people were looking for a scapegoat too dig into. Oh you name it, police, military, the president. It’s all their fault for letting us get attacked. For not seeing this happen. Not stopping it. The fault lies with the bomber.

That being said, when do we take some responsibility for our own safety?

I got news for you. The world isn’t safe. And this isn’t a modern day thing either, the old timers sayin’ that the world was a calmer, more gentle place in their time don’t know shit. Since its godamn inception out of the burning cosmic asshole that was the big bang, Earth has been a place of violence, terror, and death. When people say, “is nowhere safe anymore?” I find it so…tragic. No place was ever safe. Not anywhere. And the bombing in Boston proves it. Fuck, name any major attack (foreign or domestic) on the United States, they all stand as proof. And this shit happens daily in other counties, so how can we even think that this planet is safe?

Humans exist on a foundation of violence. It’s all we know. And it often takes such a terrible act of violence to open our eyes, and get each other to work together. Like 9/11. But oh, oh how quickly we forgot our patriotic duties once the hurt dissolved and time buried the event in the ethereal graveyard of our collective memories. And soon, Boston will pass away as an unfortunate event too. And we, humanity, won’t learn a godamn thing.

So here’s my fuckin’ lesson for you:

Stay alert. If you think you’re safe, you’re not. But don’t live in fear. Live in vigilance. Live in confidence. Be ready to fight, protect, or flee. Be ready to respond to crisis and violence. Be responsible for your own safety because we all don’t have a personal bodyguard at our side 24/7 to protect us. And when there is no one to protect us, who can we rely on? Stop thinking you’re safe because it will kill you. And when you hear someone say, “is nowhere safe anymore?” you can reply with confidence: “No. There isn’t. But that doesn’t mean I have to be afraid.”

May all those who died in the attack find peace, and may those who were hurt in the Boston bombing be of swift recovery, and may all of those effected by the bombing outside of the tangible victims find peace and understanding as they come to accept the new life that was forced upon them.

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